History, Advice and Other Half-Truths

Of the debut full-length collection by Shana Youngdahl out from Stephen F. Austin State University Press in Fall 2012, poet Seth Abramson says:

“These poems repeatedly upend cultural prescriptions with savvy and grace. Often aphoristic and didactic, this is nevertheless not a poetry of abstraction or distraction; the many fictional and historic figures Youngdahl puts through their paces never feel anything less than fully embodied. These are moving accounts of hearts in extremis, as wise as they are engaging. The aggregate weight of these crises is arresting not only because Youngdahl’s command of the lyric is superlative, but because these poems quite simply tackle generational concerns as well as any poet could ever expect or hope to do.”

You can purchase History, Advice and Other Half-Truths in Maine at Devany, Doak and Garrett Booksellers, Longfellow Books, from your local independent (may need to order) at Amazon or Texas A and M Press Consortium.

History, Advice and Other Half-Truths was honored to be a finalist for the 2013 Maine Book Award from the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance.